How good are your communication skills on the Internet?

We are all used to polishing our communication skills for one-on-one interactions as well as presenting ourselves positively to a group. On some level we even understand that we need to use excellent communication for positioning ourselves on the internet to attract a lot of traffic.

Today I am offering to you one HOW TO, that is so important to know and consider when putting any kind of message on the Internet. Address all five senses! A well written website, article, press release, blog, wiki, etc. has a variety of discriptive words that tickle all senses and inspire the reader, and even help them to smell and taste your message!

We are all wired differently. Some people process the world more through pictures, others more through sounds and again others need to touch things to experience them. In communication we pay mostly attention to the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. The more of a variety you use in stimulating ALL senses the more you really reach your audience in a way that they naturally process. You are talking to everybody, not just a select group of people.

First step: Check your current writing style and notice how you communicate through the five senses. This might be an indication to your own processing style!

Second step: Think of ways to include more of the other senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting) and spread them throughout your message.

Remember: It only takes small changes to have a huge effect.

Be well,

Christiane Turner

Quantum NLP 


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