Taking full responsibility

We are all 100 % responsible for creating our own reality. This happens through the use of our thoughts and language patterns. Embrace the opportunity to actively participate in co-creating your very own life. Every thought you have matters, it’s like a spell you are sending out into the universe. Be mindful what you wish for. You will get it. Set your intent daily. By stating what you want you are aligning your intent with the universe.Did you know that your heart energy extends over 8 miles around you. That means that every person in a neighborhood or whole city is connected on a deeply profound level. We all have the opportunity to initiate the changes we want to see around us. One person, who meditates for peace in a neighborhood has a tremendous influence on those around them. Research now shows that truly one person or just a few people getting together to meditate or to pray will have an actual effect on abuse levels dropping and less crimes being committed.

You have such a powerful force within you, every thought, every word you send out matters. You have the power to push people down or lift them up with your thoughts and words. Use them wisely!


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